#MTBoSBlaugust: Good Things from Week 2

Our second full week of school has left me still fighting a cold and completely exhausted, but plenty of good things happened!

  1. We started and finished NWEA testing (except for one student who has been absent) and the scores weren’t terrible. I’m anxious to see their growth over the course of the year. And one of my students got a 276, which is the highest score I have ever seen, so that was pretty exciting.
  2. My AP Calculus class had their first mock-AP quiz over limits and it went better than expected! We have had a string of good days in class, which I hope means we are starting to understand that challenging ourselves is a good thing and that complaining won’t change the expectations.
  3. My PreCalculus class is hilarious and wonderful. Probably the funniest moment this week was when one of my students got a wrong number call and crowd-sourced his responses from the rest of the class.
  4. I saw a lot of former students again this week. An unexpected surprise Friday morning from one of my Calculus kids from two years ago, a planned visit from two of my Calculus kids from last year, and got to watch a former student perform with her new marching band.

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